1. Indigo Valley Australia (P3SE)

    Indigo Valley Australia (P3SE)

    Short Video From my P3SE in Australia flying a valley. This was the day I flew it 3.3kms
  2. Green Phantom

    Goyt Valley - Peak District - 2nd Video Edit

    Hi everyone Thought i would share my latest footage taken today. It was so windy, i got scared at some points as the Phantom was really struggling to footage was not as smooth as i would have liked but tried my best to cut out the worst of it and get what i could to make a decent video...
  3. SoCalDude

    RTH Altitude Considerations with Varying Terrain

    Is there a thread or web page that explains the various considerations when setting the Return To Home altitude? What I mean is how to account for various scenarios with varying levels of terrain? For example, if I take-off up on a bluff/cliff (my home point), which as 30' trees. Normally, I...
  4. J


    Anybody who visits Las Vegas should make the 1 hour journey to the Valley of Fire State Park. It is absolutely stunning (especially at sunrise)! For more, check out DroneOnJohn on YouTube.
  5. Skyeyevideo

    Watlington White Mark - Oxfordshire

    Watlington White Mark - Oxfordshire - h
  6. Skyeyevideo

    Mapledurham house in Oxfordshire

    Here is an aerial video I did recently of Mapledurham House on the banks of the river Thames in Oxfordshire.