user manual

  1. AngelPilot4u

    Manual Phantom 4 Pro now in web format

    User Manual Phantom 4 Pro now in a more flexible format, web format, and mobile friendly. Link >> Phantom 4 Pro / Pro Plus User Manual
  2. Kevinusma

    P4P - DJI doesn't provide hard copy manual

    Very annoying. Just received a new P4P in the mail and upon opening the box I noticed that there was no user manual included. Just the quick reference guide. I called DJI just now and they said they are not shipping out manuals with the P4P. The rep said that I need to download it off the DJI...
  3. stewball5

    Preventive, Routine, and Periodic Maintenance

    I believe DJI must include maintenance schedules, procedures, and checklists for preventative, routine, and periodic, maintenance, in the User Manual. Not only should the schedules be published, but so should procedures and checklists be published as well. It seems that since DJI does not...
  4. snerd

    A Better P3P/A User Manual

    One of our members, fantomas, has worked on an updated version of the User Manual for the P3P and P3A. It looks like it was updated again in late December. The official manual from DJI is quite skinny and lacking compared to this one. He has gone to great lengths to make it more clear and...