usb port

  1. S

    GO 4 with Litchi with and Galaxy

    Hi Everyone! Got a problem. (I'm using a Phantom 4 Pro) I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8") for my screen (first Android tablet....I'm an iPad guy) and loaded DJI Go 4 (which works most of the time) and then Litchi. SOMETIMES when I connect the tablet to the RC, the bottom of the Galaxy...
  2. Flatwoods

    Thank you. May I please have another?

    It's the nube again. Trying to find a cable that will connect directly from the Phantom 3 4K controller's USB connector (micro B ?) to my iOS device. Am using an older iPad and a newer iPhone so would need two cables - one each for the different iOS style connectors on the other end...
  3. B


    Hi, I have a phantom 4, my rc controller used to charge my devices ( iphone and ipad) when connected and flying and now it has stopped doing that. I can still connect to the DJI GO APP but I am worried that I have a defective USB PORT. Once I connect my Iphone to the controller via usb port it...
  4. R

    Remote doesn't come use port (Phantom 3 4K)

    So I just bought the new Phantom 3 4K and in order to connect the remote to my phone I need the USB port. I'm so frustrated that it doesn't come with it. Do I need to buy an adapter? Here's how my remote look like.
  5. StackTrace

    I only have one USB port on my remote controller

    I just unboxed my Phantom 3 Pro and tried to connect the remote to my mobile device. The cable that was shipped to me was a standard usb to micro usb. I assumed that the micro usb end went into my mobile device and that the standard usb end went into the remote controller. But my remote...
  6. E

    Wifi 2.4 and 5.8 Upgrade/Mod - Possible issue or ?

    Hello everyone, To introduce myself I'm JP living in the Central Coast of California and have purchased my first phantom series drone, the P3 Standard about 2 months ago. It seems like there is alot of good ppl here and alot of knowledge so i hope some of you could shed some light on my...
  7. N

    DJI Go Will not connect / won't go past "Connect" screen

    Ok here is my plight. Aircraft firmware 1.4 (latest available) Controller 3.?? (updated when i got it in august) DJI go 2.4 on an (ipad mini 2, ipad air 2,iphone 6 plus, ipad mini 1) yes i've tried them all. Have even wiped out one ipad and reverted back to dji go before 2.4. ( wish i had a copy...