1. D

    What is considered good range in the City?

    I'm curious what is considered good range in a crowded city with apartment buildings, trees exct. So far I have done the following modifications Both 2.4ghz antenna mods with Amps and same on the 5.8ghz. I have Alpha panels and upgraded the 2.4 GHz birdside antennas with P3 pro antennas. (Pics...
  2. A

    2017 Epic Drone Compilation

    Hope you enjoy!!
  3. A

    Abandoned Race Track

    Abandoned track, now used as a parking lot for a Nissan dealership up the road.
  4. SimonJC

    Property - Drone shots - UK

    Hi, I used to do stills photography for a local estate agent (realtor if you are across the pond :) ) and here in the UK a lot of contry-wide estate agents are paying to send their agents to go on a photography course and do the photography 'in-house'. I know speaking to some of them that they...
  5. A

    Halloween - Haunted & Abandoned Dam - 4K

    In honor of being Halloween month, would you spend a night here? Let me know some places you'd like to see droned and I'll see if I can make it happen!
  6. A

    Abandoned Baseball Stadium - 4K

    Abandoned Minor League baseball stadium in Nashville, TN (Nashville Sounds) left abandoned and decrepit after team moved across town.
  7. Green Phantom

    City Skyline

    my latest video of the City of Manchester. It has some great buildings being built, some tall skyscrapers for this size of city. Il have to go back in ayear or so for a comparison shot :) Also i added in a little extra something to the begging of the video which ive never done before, where it...
  8. A

    Abandoned Steel Mill - 4K

  9. A


  10. Elysion

    Antenna mod question

    Hey folks, I recently modded my Phantom 3's RC to attach 3rd party antennas to it and now I am a little concerned. Yesterday I removed the antennas to see if reattaching the antennas would increase the transmission quality, just to make sure everything was set up correctly (and it was) and...