upgrade phantom 3 standard

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    P3 Firmware Should I update my firmware?

    Hi. I'm really a n00b pilot, flew my P3S for the 3rd/4th time just yesterday... Whenever I start the DJI Go App - it says I should update my firmware (And the weird thing - sometimes it shows in red, preventing me to takeoff, and sometimes it just disappear after few seconds..) Normally - I'd...
  2. Billzness Adventures

    Dji Phantom 3: Standard Range Tests: Stock/Windsurfer/New Antenna: Video

    All tests are in the same place, in city with some interfere, Ce Europe Greece 1) Stock Antenna Range test: 2) Windsurfer Antenna, after this try in video i tried also 1 more time with bigger windsurfer this time and could get 50~100 more meters. 3) Upgrade antenna and wifi to 7 dbi from...