1. K

    Unknown P3 accessoires

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a crashed P3 Standard for the spare parts to repair mine. I then discovered that the guy sent me more than just the drone. There were also 2 pieces (3D printed) which I think belong in some way to the controller. But I haven't seen such an accessoire for the P3 at...
  2. Alex Assenmacher

    Who knows where this is :D ?

    Hi friends. I'm back in one of the busiest weeks lately. But I always try to take some time for my filming . No more talking, this is just a trailer, who knows where it is ?
  3. B

    Help Identify Controller Antenna & Display

    Good Morning All - I recently purchased a Phantom 3 Standard which I love. If there was some kind of well priced trade-in program, I would probably upgrade to the Advanced version. The only things which have bugged me about the drone are the range and the fact the app isn't that stable on my...