1. Green Phantom

    iPad Pro

    iPad Pro UNBOXING & Specs/Review
  2. Green Phantom

    2017 Apple iPad

    Hi After getting the Drone and getting into video editing i thought i would use my new found hobby and passion for editing videos into doing something a little different. I made this unboxing video. To some i feel they will not like it but i really like how it turned out. Also it may not look...
  3. That Cicero Guy

    Part 2 of my Phantom 4 Pro unboxing video series

    Hello everybody, Here is a link to part 2 of my Phantom 4 Pro unboxing series I'm doing: I have been doing these as the average consumer who never used any of this stuff before, because that's the truth. :) I want people to see from a non-drone user perspective what's involved. Part 3...
  4. J


  5. DroneLyfe2016

    We bought a drone!!! New to the drone world!

    Hey guys! My wife and I bought a Phantom 4 and thought we'd join the discussions on here. We are newbies in the drone world! Looking to learn all we can! Until then here is our unboxing video: