1. Jasonrowphoto

    The Frozen Black Sea

    From a couple of years ago. When the temperature is lower than -15C for 3 or more days, the Black Sea freezes over. Its quite a spectacular sight. This was taken with my old Phantom 3 4K flying in -18C. No issues other than reduced battery life.
  2. Jasonrowphoto

    You Don't Always Need To Go High

    The Odessa Opera House at dawn in Southern Ukraine. Just a few meters up
  3. R

    Is it safe to Fly P3 in Kiev Ukraine

    Hey guys I'm going to Kiev< Ukraine next week for a business trip and was wondering if it is legal to fly my P3 in the city of Kiev. Just dont wanna take it all the way there for nothing. I have done loads of online searches but cannot come up with an answer! Loads of articles about the military...
  4. V

    Video: Kamenec Podolsky castle in Ukraine.

    Aerial video of Kamenec Podolsky castle in Ukraine. This video was shot with DJI Phantom 3 Pro.