1. tml4191

    Does anyone have any FAST MiroSD cards f/s 64gb-128gb?

    I'm looking for a uhs3 type microsd card, so I figured phantompilots might be a good place to ask. Does anyone have a spare microsd card f/s? I live in southern California, so we can meet up or just deal online. I need it to be at least 64gb. 128gb is preferable.
  2. Omniround

    SanDisk 64GB UHS-3 @ BestBuy

    I saw some discussion about whether the Phantom can get by with a UHS-1 card. The 4K spec seems to call for a UHS-3 card. Wikipedia says: UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) 30 MB/s 4K video files (UHS bus) compared to: Class 10 10 MB/s Full HD (1080p) video recording and consecutive recording of HD...