1. FlyingUser

    Image quality 24 vs 30p (h265)?

    I was wondering, the bitrate is fixed at 100Mbps, is it safe to assume that 24p gives more detail than 30p? It should leave 20% more room for detail for every frame...
  2. T

    Massachusetts in Fall - P4Pro (4K60)

    Hey all, just wanted to share this video here. It was shot this fall in Massachusetts. Any feedback is appreciated!
  3. Sønnavind Dronefoto

    Norway - Lyngør lighthouse during winter

    Hi guys! Checknout this clip from Norway, and the Lyngør lighthouse in winter. Bright light but no filters used. A little tweaking in post and stab on one backward jelly effect thats it :) A subscribe would make my day - if you care to ;)
  4. Sønnavind Dronefoto

    Southern Norway - wintershoot

    Hi! Tried some new tricks and development techniques - heres a couple of yestardays clips. Please comment pros and cons - What bitrate do you gous use on 4K editing? This one is filmed with C4K and 75kbps.... Regards!
  5. J

    My wee first video.

    Hi guys, This is my first video. A short 4K@60 video of a trip with friends to the sand dunes in Nida, Lithuania. Please let me know if you see anything that can be done better in the video, specially colour grading wise. After I edited this video I read that people use gradients for the...
  6. J


  7. The Art Of Drones

    Sunset from the sky - Phantom 3 PRO (4K)

  8. L

    Hidden beautiful monument in Cascais - Portugal

    This is one the most beautiful monuments in Cascais - Portugal which it's not open to the public.
  9. L

    Almost lost my P3P making this beautiful video...

    Hi This weekend I crashed my P3P for the first time... and almost broke the arm... but still working after some "hot" bending... Hope you like the video that I did (before hitting the tree)... Yes, it was human error...