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    Number of GPS Satellites

    So I began to use UAV Forecast to plan my flights and I noticed that it by default recommends that you have at least 9 GPS satellites that are visible and to be locked on to at least 12 GPS satellites. I am curious if people that fly the Phantom 3 Standard abide by the guide line or do you all...
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    Check UAV forecast before each flight!

    Did a short test flight today, to test out the waypoint function in Litchi. Two hours before i checked UAV Forecast and all was green and GTG, but before this flight i did´n bother checking, believing it could´n have changed in such a short time, but.... As you can see from the screenshot, the...
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    Help with UAV Forecast Settings

    Since most of you guys use UAV Forecast I was wondering what do you guys use for settings. I know there are some defaults but I do not use them all. I know some people are going to say it depends on what you are comfortable with but I am looking for some sage advice. For example, what height to...