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  1. N

    What RX 3rd party or OEM can i bind with my P4 controller?

    What 3rd Party or OEM telemetry receiver (RX) can i bind with my P4 controller? I'm soon to build a freestyle quad and don't have the budget to buy a $100-$200+ transmitter, and would like to re-use my DJI P4 controller. Looking for low cost obviously. NOT CONCERNED ABOUT VIDEO (VTX), only...
  2. Elysion

    Antenna mod question

    Hey folks, I recently modded my Phantom 3's RC to attach 3rd party antennas to it and now I am a little concerned. Yesterday I removed the antennas to see if reattaching the antennas would increase the transmission quality, just to make sure everything was set up correctly (and it was) and...