1. Cookflhx

    Still just twitch after replacing motor and ESC

    Hello, I'm new to the sport and know next to nothing, but am learning. I purchased a Phantom 2 Vision off eBay. When trying to fly it, only one motor spins up when I start the Motors. The rear left. The other three just twitch. I updated the firmware, but still same issue. So I tried to...
  2. D

    Help! My P4P camera is schizophrenic!

    It finally happened: My P4P caught a limb this weekend and ended up in the local river for about 30 seconds. The battery is done, of course, but the P4P itself has dried out and flies great. I feel very lucky and embarrassed. However, the camera wasn't as lucky. After trying many of the...
  3. Donald

    Advanced P3A Gimbal is Twitching - Help!

    Owned my P3A for almost a year. Updated firmware back in August and plenty of uneventful flights since then. Batteries and controller are updated as well as the app version. Just today I took it out to get some coastal shots in CA and the gimbal was aggressively twitching from one side to the...