1. t2adze

    How to achieve Tripod mode on P3?

    Hey I wanna know if there is a possibility to adjust settings in DJI GO, so the P3A will fly SLOWLY like a P4 does in Tripod Mode. Any suggestions would be nice to hear Thanks
  2. dougvg

    Tripod Mode fails dues to "Mission Conflict"

    About every 10th time I use Tripod mode, as soon as I select tripod mode, I get a failure message citing a "Mission Conflict." The tripod mode actually doesn't fail, it activates and works correctly, but then refuses to exit tripod mode when the "stop" button is pressed. If the drone is far...
  3. S

    Super simple (and cheap) Osmo Mobile Tripod solution

    Here are step-by-step instructions for a $7 solution for mounting an Osmo Mobile to a tripod
  4. David Cooke

    IMU Calibration in the field

    Just thought some of you might like this suggestion . . you can't align the IMUs and level the gimbal properly when there is no level surface so when I went out to a breakwater to film the powerboat race I took along a modified tripod and a bubble level . . .No level spot here so here's what I...