1. R

    Palau / Micronesia: The Last Paradise Island

    Travel video of one of the most unique ecosystems of the world: PALAU!! Please, consider subscribing to my YouTube channel :
  2. Xiaolu Chu

    Rough Roads to Tibet

    My road trip to Tibet with DJI Inspire1, Phantom4A and Suzuki Jimny. Hope you enjoy!
  3. J

    My wee first video.

    Hi guys, This is my first video. A short [email protected] video of a trip with friends to the sand dunes in Nida, Lithuania. Please let me know if you see anything that can be done better in the video, specially colour grading wise. After I edited this video I read that people use gradients for the...
  4. 3

    Desert Footage - What to pack

    Hi all, In two months I am going on an expedition from Astana, Kazakhstan to the Aral Sea and back along the Silk road. This is happening over a period of several days. I have a phantom 3 standard and thought it would be a great way to get some interesting photos along the way. I will also be...
  5. Gary Vaughan

    REI Hiking Backpack fits Phantom 4

    I'm a new Phantom 4 owner and I'm going hiking in Aspen in a few weeks and want to take my drone with me. My plan is to carry the Phantom foam case onto the plane with me, but I needed a backpack for hiking 14ers that would fit the drone and have enough support and room that I could fit some...