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    Traveling in the USA with your drone on airlines

    I recently took a trip from Maryland to Alaska with my P3A. My plan was to get some aerial footage of a National Historic Landmark called Kennicott Mines. The thought of traveling thousands of miles and spending thousands of dollars only to be prohibited once I got there caused much stress. I...
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    Need Help... Im flying to Peru, Columbia & Dominican Republic. I dont know what I need from a legal

    Im going on a trip to South America thus flying to the following countries : Peru, Columbia and Dominican Republic. I just had a panic attack when i did a quick search for if by any chance any countries banned them and saw page loads of regulations and whatnots. Im asking here if anyone knows...
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    Fly Mavic Pro in EU (Italy and France)

    I am going to have a tour in Rome, Florence, Vince, Milan in Italy and Paris in France. can i fly drone in those cities? where can i check the fly zone information? of course, i do not plan to fly in those government building. but how about in the air of attractions in those cities?
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    Flying tomorrow!! Please help!

    So I am flying tomorrow from the US to Heathrow, London (then again to Scotland). I called British Airways this evening and they told me I HAVE to check in my drone...after all the research I did, I assumed that it'd be fine. I'm kinda freaking out my drone is gonna break in my luggage. I have a...
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    Taking my P4 to Mexico

    I have a trip coming up to Cabo and wanted to know the rules and regulations around the following ... 1. What are the best practices around flying with a drone. Will be flying Alaska airlines from Sea - San Diego - Cabo. Can I carry the craft in hand luggage and put the batteries in checkin...
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    Jamaican airport security would not let me carry on P3P

    I recently got back to U.S. from Jamaica and had no problems going there from the U.S. to Montego Bay but on the return trip they would not allow me to carry on my drone. I had it packed in a hard shell case with 3 batteries in their respective slots. 2 security officers stopped me at the...
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    Removable landing gear/legs for compact travel?

    Hello everyone, So I've been using my P3P lately to film backcountry skiing and it's been a ton of fun. The problem is space in my pack! I often go for many miles and cover several thousand vertical feet in a day. My pack already contains food, water, shovel, warm layers, first aid, gloves...
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    Can I Bring My Phantom 4 as a Carry On on AA?

    We are about to travel with our Phantom 4 (plus batteries) via American Airlines. Anyone know anything about policies and if we can bring this as a carry on? My concerns are the batteries really, but I am also worried about the drone itself. Also, do I need to buy a lipo guard bag? Do I need to...