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  1. David Cooke

    Regulations CANDA as of July 2017

    Here's my answer to new Canadian Drone Regs published last week. . . not the LAW yet . . but getting close Open public sessions are being held across Canada both virtually and in person to hear what the public thinks of the new UAV (Drone) regulations about to be put into law. Check out...
  2. JdotB

    Transport Canada's Updated UAV Rules

    Today Transport Canada posted their new UAV Rules. That's a lot of words. At first glance I don't see a difference....
  3. A

    Drone Insurance Depot- Thoughts?

    Just found a new company which provides drone insurance in Canada. It's called Drone Insurance Depot, found here: Drone Insurance Depot - Home Does anyone have any experience/knowledge/thoughts on them? Looking for coverage and their prices are the best I've found so far. Thanks!
  4. Phantazmk

    Transport Canada SFOC Application Info

    Hi, I'm looking for someone that may be able to assist me in submitting an application for a Special Flight Operations Certificate for Transport Canada. Specifically, I'm looking for a template I can follow. TC has a formate but like most GoC documentation its clear as Mud. Any help would be...