1. SoCalDude

    Heart Rock Falls

    I did a short 1.6 km hike to Heart Rock Falls recently (near Crestline, CA). From the trailhead (Seeley Creek Trail), the hike is about 1 km and descends 60 meters from the trailhead. The heart-shaped pool was carved by a waterfall. When the creek is flowing, this is a small 6-meter waterfall...
  2. AAPhoto

    Forts Baldwin and Popham, Phippsburg, ME

    Hi everyone, Last weekend, I took the P3P out on a cloudy day in hopes that there wouldn't be many people at Fort Popham so I could capture some aerial footage. Here is what I was able to walk away with between rain showers. Hope you enjoy it!
  3. A

    Rigged up my P3 on the 100 mile Anglesey Island Coastal Path hike