trackimo mount.

  1. Phill2

    Trackimo Mounting

    Hi guys I just ordered one and was wondering how/where you mount yours. I'll be putting it on a P3P Any pics you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Phill
  2. Shep

    Installed my Trackimo holder today.

    Decided to tether it also, as it looked like a good hard bounce could knock it out of the holder at the top.
  3. Shep

    Trackimo mount Which is more stable - Velcro or Side-Mount?

    I have seen several posts on here about the Trackimo side mount losing the device on a crash. From what I can gather the top "door" comes open with the force of the crash. Which makes me wonder if Velcro may be a better way to go? I really don't want to have to strap it down if I don't have...