1. J

    Toronto GTA Drone Locations

    Hi there, just wondering if there are any cool locations to fly my phantom in the GTA or somewhere near Toronto without a big red circle saying its a no-fly zone. I have already went to a small town called Paris and Bond Lake.
  2. P

    Pickering Ajax Border in the GTA

    Good morning ladies and gents
  3. Barnesy1965

    One of my first videos.

    Please check out my video and let me know what you think. This was one of my first videos. Thanks Steve.
  4. M

    FIRST POST: Phantom 3S of Downtown Toronto Skyline

    Let me know what you think and how I can improve.
  5. P

    Tony Hawk Lands in Canada

    Made with Osmo.
  6. P

    The Unstable Cliffs of the Scarborough Bluffs

    Please, be safe out there. Cheers!
  7. AndyGB

    Seton Park Viaduct, Toronto

    Sunrise at Seton Park in Toronto this morning — and then a video exploring the viaduct.
  8. AndyGB

    Exploring the ravines of Toronto

    One of the many pretty ravines that wind through Toronto, Ontario.