1. David Cooke

    Phantom 4Pro+ Thumbnails

    Why are there no "thumbnails" all of a sudden in the flight summary menu? It's doing it intermittently in my Mavic interface too .. but has stopped all together in the P4P+. Do I need to clear cash or what? . . I don't recall changing any settings (DJI Go 4 is vers. 4.1.22). Does it only log...
  2. K

    Phantom 4 Pro Plus Controller and Cache

    Hey everyone, I've once downloaded the cache video onto my computer, but when I try to do it again.. on the controller I can see all cache video and images but when I looked in the Cache_Image files only the ones i previously downloaded are available. Why can't I see the recently cached...
  3. Numone

    3.1.0 Oddities?

    Today was the first time I've flown properly with 3.1.0 GO, 1.10.90 AC and 1.8.0 RC. Previously, l'd just confirmed that the AC was connecting and flying OK, which it was and I didn't bother recording anything... I've done a search on this without luck so...... I've noticed that all the cached...