thermal cameras on phantom 4

  1. F

    Lepton sensors

    I was told by someone that the mavic 2 enterprise uses a lepton sensor in the thermal camera of the drone and that lepton sensors pretty much do nothing. I was recommend the matrice 210 with xt camera I believe. Those drones and setups run around $18,000 though. I even called drone deploy to...
  2. abbufairoze

    Phantom 4 pro with Flir vue pro & pro R

    Hi guys i need some informations about the thermal cameras like flir vue pro and pro R. I have phantom 4 pro wants to mount this thermal camera for solar panel and transmission lines inspection. anybody can suggest me which camera is siuitable for the inspections. Thank you.
  3. L

    Thermal Camera

    Would anyone be happening to want to sell a Thermal Camera compatible with a Phantom 4 drone?
  4. A

    Streaming Thermal Camera Footage

    I have a FLIR DUO R thermal camera and I have a way to physically mount it onto my Phantom 4. However, what are some methods or hacks for streaming the thermal image back to ground? The FLIR DUO R has an HDMI port and a mini usb port which I believe can output analog video.
  5. P

    is there an infared camera that will work on a Phantom 4?

    Is there an infared camera that will work on a phantom 4?