1. VVATC

    GPS Interference Testing (NTTR)

    Not sure if these notices are routinely posted or what forum it should be in. I did a search and didn't find anything recent. FLIGHT ADVISORY GPS INTERFERENCE TESTING ~ Bud
  2. tml4191

    Check out this YT video= CSC off/on in midair! P4P Testing

    Restarting motor success:CHECK : 1:32
  3. B

    Help assessing second-hand Phantom 3 advanced

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about buying a second hand Phantom 3 advanced drone and would like some advice from experienced people, since I'm very new to the drone business: - I'm still hesitating between buying either a brand new Phantom 3 standard or a second-hand Phantom 3 advanced. Price is the...
  4. camfirstflyer

    New Regs for Drones in Canada

    Drone knowledge testing 'to avoid disaster' part of Transport Canada rules proposal Summary: - Device registration - Knowledge test - Age limits (14-16 years) - Liability insurance for recreational drones over 250 grams (9 oz.) meanwhile it will be easier to get commercial license: "You go...
  5. B

    Advise post crash please

    Hi, Looking for advise post crash. I got a little cocky after having my phantom advanced for a month and then crashed. Hit a tree and dropped 20 meter. Battery came out and that is done - cracked and lights wouldn'g go off. I have replaced this now. There is also some damage on the shell, a...
  6. RemotePilot101

    FAA Part 107 Webinar Recording...

    Thank you so much for all of you who took the time to be on the webinar last night. The recording is now available here - What Questions Will the FAA Ask Me on My FAA Knowledge Test | Remote Pilot 101 On the webinar we covered - What to Expect on the FAA Part 107 Knowledge Test - Samples of...
  7. Flying Dutchman

    Prepare yourself to be shocked..

    Maybe sombody posted this already then I am sorry. I watched some really dum testing but this is the king, watch how he crashes the Phantom 4. My hart shrunk when I saw this [EXPLETIVE REMOVED] destroying this fine P4