1. j.razz1

    What Are Your Favorite Techniques for Filming?

    I'll share two of my favorite below and how I achieve them. Be sure to add your own! I personally like slow and steady straight line shots. They prove to be smooth, and, if held at a constant speed, tend to be pleasing to the eye: The way I achieve them is by flying out to the end of my shot...
  2. Ed Oz

    Newbie Question - Any Good Way to Get A Slow Cinematic Pan ?

    Hi Folks, Ed here... OK I am a 10 flight 65 year old newbie with my P3S newbie (and loving it) but am frustrated with doing 360 degree (or any) pan shots with the bird. I must be missing something (beyond a Vision LOL I hope) because I have seen nice videos here of just such pans. Mine end up...