tablet for dji go 4

  1. V

    LV 8.4 Tablet will not connect

    Hello, I'm new here and I'm having issues trying to get my LG G Pad 8.3 tablet to connect, the RC connects to the quad, but every time I open DJI 4 it says disconnected, and when I try to connect via the controller link on the tablet it d\says "check frequency" I've tried all the cables I...
  2. Nowelly

    Most absolutely stable tablet to use with DJI Phantom 4 Pro?

    Dear all, I am becoming exceptionally tired at having Communist car style reliability with tablets, DJI Go 4 app reliability, etc.. Every 5 minutes almost I am getting grey screen right in the middle of a flight, sometimes at critical times, and an "Aircraft Disconnected". It is incredibly...
  3. TMM777

    Nexus 7, factory OS 5.1.1 still crashing Go 4 app

    Nexus 7, version 2 was turned back to factory settings including a factory version of Android Os 5.1.1. I have flown 5 or so times since the rollback to factory settings and each time Go 4 crashed. I was LOS so no worries but I was surprised each time it crashed as it took more than 20 minutes...