1. J

    Clicking noise from sensors?

    Hey all I am a total rookie and know little about drones. I know how to fly them and all but I'm new to all the new hardware. I mainly use my P3A for videography I purchased the P3A last week. Took it out of the box (Yes I read the manual and everything) tested everything and is working. Then I...
  2. Malakai

    Quick look at the Vatos backpack for the Phantom range

    Hey guys, thought I would share this video I made where I take a look at the Vatos carrying system for the phantom range of aircraft, I have had a few people ask what its like so thought I would share the knowledge. Enjoy.
  3. Y

    Navigation system

    I am trying to get insurance for my P3S and one company is asking for the quote which navigation system it has. i'm guessing its something like the naza-m v2 but maybe one of you could enlighten me? thanks in advance.