1. G


    I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to share PDFs of their safety checklist/SOPs with me? We are in the process of developing ours and I'd like some good examples to work off of. We will mostly be using our P4P for orthomosaics, DSMs, and inspections. Thanks!
  2. D

    Drone/Field Operations Manager job opening at a cool startup

    Hi, We are TraceAir - we use digital copies of construction sites to automate earthmoving. We are making a "virtual engineer" that automatically compares digital copies of construction sites made with drones against designs and blueprints to help construction teams build faster & cheaper. We...
  3. P

    eBee RTK + Spectra SP60 for sale

    Hi, I'm selling an eBee RTK with: -extra batteries -Pix4D perpetual license -eMotion 2 software -Spectra SP60 station -everything required Let me know if you're interested!
  4. D


    Anyone know where I can fly my drone for hire, I'm part 107 certified. Would like to start making some money. Where can I find people looking for pilots to do surveying
  5. I

    p4 mapping apps?

    Hi everyone, Just wondering what apps are compatible with the P4 that are available or on the market currently for those interested in mapping/surveying. Thanks, Isaac.
  6. T

    New to forum

    Hello All, I am new to this forum site and to DJI. I work as a professional UAS pilot in the survey industry, I am a certified Helicopter pilot and certified UAS pilot. We are currently switching over from the 3DR Solo UAV. The Solo has been an excellent UAV for user friendliness and open...
  7. A

    Drone surveying basics

    Hi Our compeny is investigating the ability to complete drone surveys of landscapes with the aim of creating 3D models to be used in AutoCAD for measurment purposes - these will be for surveys of watercourses to assess their viability for hydropower projects. Accuracy needs to cm level - max...
  8. R

    Total Noob looking for advice on Surverying

    Hello All, I work for an engineering consulting company who has a survey crew that often surveys large areas of land to check as-built conditions for large civil projects, thank surveying 5 acres. In order to speed things up we have come to the conclusions due to the low cost of the entry point...
  9. L

    Phantom 4 - Survey Grade Mapping

    Hi all, I am currently working in mining and seeking advice on whether or not the Phantom 4 is accurate enough for 3d mapping to achieve less then 5cm in 'XYZ' values. I am very new to drones but have been researching quite a bit over the last couple of months and just need a few things...
  10. Alex Assenmacher

    Drones for photogrammetry, thermography, surveying...

    Hi friends! As I've been doing mostly "cinematic" videos (or at least tried ), I was lately wondering all the different things you can do with drones. So I called a friend who works with drones mostly for governments and asked him to tell me what he does and to explain a bit of how he does it...