1. Skyler King III

    iPad Mini "hood / sunshade" falls off with the iPad Mini (P4)

    I have a hood / sunscreen for my iPad mini (I have a Phantom 4). Several times now it's fallen off with the iPad Mini. Yes, I make sure it (seems) tightly clamped down, but usually when I tis the controller to keep antenna pointed and lined up properly, the iPad et al falls out. I am looking...
  2. Duncan Campney

    Home-made sunshade

    While I figure out what commercially made sunshade to buy for my P3 and iPad air, I decided to make one. This design should work fine for any "normal-sized" iPad, and could be adapted to other sizes of tablets quite easily. The results actually work quite well. I used a large corrugated...
  3. R

    Halloween Sale st

    10% off of everything through this weekend at home of the UltraShade2. Use the coupon code "SpookySavings" at check-out.