1. jeganx

    Can a 5V2.1A powerbank directly power Sunhans 12v1A 5.8GHz booster?

    Or do I need to find a voltage converter from 5V2.1A to 12V0.8A?
  2. IBV

    Weird antenna - booster problem. left side antenna?

    Hi there, Now finally I got all set up... and already run into a problem which I have no explaination for..: I got: 2 120cm long 12dbi TP-link omni-antennas on the roof. 2 Sunhans golden 3W boosters 2 10m long RP-SMA antenna cables from the confernece room to the roof. I tested the big...
  3. IBV

    Antenna jungle - inventory - What's out there?

    Hi there, Forums are full of threads about antenna issues and tips. Just thought to ask you ladies and gents what kind of antenna you're driving the P4 and what experience you got with it? This thread is not meant to cover long range or penetration values but just for interest as there are a...