sun shield

  1. flyboy73

    Finally, a great sun shield that really works

    Ever since I started flying my Phantom 3 Pro back in December of last year I have had trouble seeing the screen of my iPad Mini 4 clearly and without reflections. I had the DJI sun screen from the beginning and while certainly better than nothing, it still allowed too much light to hit the...
  2. G

    Herbal Tea Sun Screen (100% Natural!)

    I go out and drop $1300 on a P3P but am too cheap to buy a commercial sun shield for $10. So what do I do? I grab a empty Herbal Tea Box cut a few holes in it with my trusty razor knife add a little tape, and and voila, a 100% all natural, caffeine free, sun shield that fits my iPhone...
  3. jp_flkeys

    Sun Shield Nvidia Shield

    Just purchased a Nvidia Shield K1 for my P3P. Anyone out there find a good, lightweight, sun shield for this product or have any ideas what the best solution is for shading the screen?