sun shade

  1. C

    sun shade for ipad and iphone 7 plus with large cases?

    Hello, I have an ipad air 2 with an otterbox case and an iphone 7 plus with an otterbox case; both defender type cases. I stuggle to find a good sunshade that will hold the device and case. Can you recommend something? thank you.
  2. M

    Best iPad Sun Shade, IMHO

    In case anyone else is wondering about sun shades... i was looking EVERYWHERE for a decent one. Hard to find something that actually does the job and is of quality build. Then I found Top notch gear and excellent customer service. It was a pleasure dealing with Stacy...
  3. Duncan Campney

    Sun shade recommendation for iPad air (9.7" tablet"

    I'm looking for a moderately priced sun shade to use with my Phantom 3 and iPad air. The air is Apple's standard size, 9.7". I assume that there are sun shades that will work for a variety of tablets of this size. Since the Phantom 3 and the Inspire 1 use the same remote sun shades should be...
  4. S

    Sun Shade for 9.7" Tablets (iPad Air Size)

    I am getting an iPad Pro 9.7" to fly with and need a recommendation for a quality sun shade that will fit. It is the same size as the iPad Air with a 9.7" Screen. I do not like the sun shades with suction cups on the back, the back should be rigid. I would appreciate any suggestions you have.
  5. G

    Herbal Tea Sun Screen (100% Natural!)

    I go out and drop $1300 on a P3P but am too cheap to buy a commercial sun shield for $10. So what do I do? I grab a empty Herbal Tea Box cut a few holes in it with my trusty razor knife add a little tape, and and voila, a 100% all natural, caffeine free, sun shield that fits my iPhone...
  6. YeeaaBoii

    3D Printed SunShade for iPad Mini - $40

    I have for sale the sunshade for the iPad Mini. It's in perfect condition and definitely blocks the sun. It's nice because it's very rigid and solid feeling. Here is the link to exactly what I have: SunShade Pro iPad Mini - Aerial Drone Accessories I don't use...