1. RPP

    Langanes, Iceland

    Moody summer night at the northeastern tip of Iceland. Details in my blog post. Shot with DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2.
  2. Sønnavind Dronefoto

    DJI combo | Jetski Water Activities Norway | P4A and Osmo Plus

    Check out this short teaser made for a local business promoting water activities in the southern Norway :) Clips filmed yesterday and this is a small comp with some of them :)
  3. J

    Ready for Winter or Missing Summer

    Summer Paddleboard Session in 4K on Lake Tahoe!
  4. jamesmorano

    Persona - "Say What You Say" Lyric Video - Phantom 4

    I had an amazing time filming and editing a lyric video for Persona’s new song “Say What You Say”. The video is filled with beachy vibes shot with both my Phantom 4 and GH5. It mainly features the amazing sound of Persona. “Say What You Say” was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Long Island’s...
  5. S

    My last Video - any feedback would be welcomed!

    Hi all! I finished an edit from summer videos (a mix from P3 4K & Lumix G7 shots), and would like to have some feedback, especially on drone shots (would you do something different with same ones?...) To make it easier, here are the drone parts: 1'13 => 1'28 1'33 => 1'45 1'53 => 2'21 3'37 =>...
  6. S

    Saying goodbye to summer is hard

    We had two DJI phantom 3's flying in tandem to get different angles of our last days of summer. Let me know what you think!
  7. Best of Crete - Greece 2016 - YouTube

    Best of Crete - Greece 2016 - YouTube

    A short film showing the some of most amazing parts of Crete, Greek Island. Most of the shots are filmed with DJI Phantom 3 and Panasonic Lumix FZ 1000.
  8. J

    summer running - video

    Hi everyone! Last weekend in the Netherlands was the first weekend with really good weather this summer. So i took out the bird and created this summer vibe running video (performance credits go to my sporty girlfriend). Please watch in full HD and with sound on :) Let me know what you think...
  9. S

    Summer in Poland - DJI Phantom 4. Footage - 4K

    Nothing special, nice small river around 30km south from Warsaw. Thanks for watching.
  10. Magnus

    One week from Summer solstice in Iceland. Just after midnight

  11. N

    Summer is here ! Pools, golf and sun on a lazy sunday with my DJI Phantom 3 Standard

    Summer is here ! So I thought I'd share a quick video I shot with my DJI Phantom 3 Standard capturing friends and family having fun at the pool ! Very windy conditions, but the Phantom handled just fine ! Check it out below !
  12. N

    "The Lake" - My experiments of using a drone for video storytelling

    Decided to go out this weekend and try out a combination of aerial / drone shots with my DJI Phantom 3 Standard and my Canon DSLR to create a simple and short video. I like all those videos out there with beautiful scenery, but have been looking at using the drone as a complement to my DSLR...
  13. Spot

    Summer Fantasy!

    Alas... it's just about over now.. but this captures the magic of a hot summer's day when all things are green and growing in the world of nature!