1. Green Phantom

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS! & Thank You!

  2. UpLift Aerial

    Winter Breeze

    Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
  3. Green Phantom

    YouTube Play Button & Video Best of Compilation

    Heya everyone Just thought i would show you all something i made for myself, just a bit of fun and a thank you to anyone who has subscribed to my channel. People may think this is daft or cheesy but i like making things and saw it as an opportunity to be creative and also a way to celebrate...
  4. Nick Wenzel

    Waves crashing on rocks in 4K

    Hi all Just took my new P4 for its first flight yesterday. I previously owned a P3 Standard for a while, and it was a great decision to make the upgrade to start moving into more professional stuff. This video is more of a relaxation clip than a short film. For some of those, check out my...
  5. HuckleberryStyle

    Other Forums/Websites To Help Grow YouTube Channels

    First, THANK YOU to everyone who has subscribed to my YouTube Channel. This forum has been a great place to gain feedback and see other videos. Has anyone come across a similar resource that has helped their channel grow?
  6. bradrun

    Youtube & Vimeo Channels - ALL LINKS GO HERE ONLY- NO VIDEOS

    Ok i haven't seen any post to share everyone's youtube or vimeo channels so we all can watch each other's videos as they post them. My channel is Brad Run. ADMIN EDIT: only post your youtube/vimeo channel name or link, no videos or other chat. Thank you.
  7. Chris Paul


    Hey guys check me out on youtube! I'm new to the drone experience and I can't wait to learn more! Please check me out by clinking on this link Drone Matter Watch me through my journey, and learn new fun facts about the DJI Phantom 3 Standard, and all the cool accessories I purchased or will...