stuck in tree

  1. Arbrescue

    Offering rescue for drones stuck in trees and other high places.

    Hello, I am an arborist (tree surgeon) based in the Hampshire/Berkshire UK area. In the last few years I have had to rescue quite a few drones from the tops of trees whilst working in the UK and Europe and i always enjoy getting them safely back to their owner. So if anybody on here should...
  2. PinnacleRun

    Mavic stuck in tree, Phantom 3A lends a hand

    Today a Mavic got stuck in a tree while flying backwards and so I tried to help with my Phantom 3A by flying up a rope to drop on the branch that the mavic was stuck on. The plan was to have the rope and a metal pole lock into the branch then we pull and shake the branch until the mavic falls...
  3. J

    Worth $150 to retrieve stuck drone?

    So I got my phantom 3 standard stuck in a tree. It's too high to retrieve with conventional methods...If you can think of a way I've probably tried it :( I was gonna ask, do you think it's worth $150 on a tree surgeon to come climb the tree to retrieve it? It's been up in the tree for 8 days...