storage case

  1. dynamic3dSolutions

    New Polar Pro Nesting Case, 6 polar pro lens,18 micro sd cards & sd card adapter.

    This Polar pro Nesting Case case holds 6 polar pro lenses, 18 micro sd cards & 1 micro sd card adapter. The polar pro lens caddy is lined with a non-scratch felt and has a great fit. There is a gap at the back of the caddy while inside the case for a small lens cloth. This fits the...
  2. toddsworld

    I'm very happy with this hard travel case for my Phantom 3

    I just purchased my Phantom 3S and chose this hard travel case to store it in. I have to say I'm really happy with my selection. It easily stores my Phantom 3 along with: Detachable prop guards 4 batteries total Charger Controller Props and spare props Hardware 7" tablet Owners manual packet...