1. Dramface460

    Becoming a DJI dealer

    Hi everyone, The president of the company I work at Triathlon Technology wants to start getting into the drone business(Why he hired me in the first place since I have experience with drones. We have a large warehouse and one of our distributors already carries DJI products. We plan on...
  2. J

    Central Florida shots

    Some shots I've gathered over the past few months.
  3. tml4191

    $50 SHIPPED INSPIRE 1 DJI suitcase Brand New Case w/ Plastic

    Just came across a huge lot, so I'm letting these go for cheap. If you are a local here in California, then you can pick it up in Orange County. These are only $50 SHIPPED preferably US. If you are an international buyer, then PM me if you are interested. Paypal only! ~There's a mix of x5/x3...
  4. Stewkur

    Sypes Canyon Sunset - P3S

    Hey everyone! I uploaded this initially to show some friends and family, so it's lightly edited and poorly at that as I did it quick, but figured it was cool enough to show here. There are lots of things I would change on second, third, and fourth look; some of the shots drag on a bit longer...
  5. E

    Just flew over 2km out with stock P2

    Take a look if interested: I can't believe how good the range is on this thing. Was out in the country side, and tried my luck with a long range flight. Unfortunately, I forgot that a few days before, I set 2km as the distance limit. I could have flied much further probably on the stock...