stock footage

  1. Macfawlty

    Making $$ with stock drone footage

    For those pilots looking for new ways to make money from photos and footage, take a look at Gettyimages Contributor Community (Sign in | ESP). Gettyimages is the largest stock photo/video agency in the world and has bought up most of their competitors over the years. I've used their stock photos...
  2. chapsrlz

    Aero Stock

    I´ve been asked so many times if i sell my clips so i build an online store, Stock Aéreo. The intention is to grow it and become a marketplace where other pilots may sell stock footage too, actually pilots are welcome to register and submit their footate for aproval :) Stock Aéreo - Venta de...
  3. Aerial Entertainment Studios

    Interested in selling your footage ?

    Hi everyone, For those of you who don't know us, Aerial Entertainment Studios (AES) specialises in the sale of exotic aerial stock footage to production houses world wide. We travel the world in search of new exotic locations to film, and we sell that footage to our loyal customer base. Our...
  4. DerickRhodes

    Nice "How to Shoot People with Drones" Video

    Shutterstock just posted a pretty useful "Five Tips for Shooting People with Drones" video - well worth checking out: