still photography

  1. D

    Essential accessories for P4P?

    Ordering a P4P from Amazon to use primarily for still photos including a schooner trip in Iceland in August. I'll need to check the drone with my checked bags so assume I need a hard case, which I will put into a second outer spinner suitcase. This is my first drone (very experienced DSLR...
  2. furthertofly

    HDR workflow on the P4 Pro

    Redrocks and More.... | DJI Phantom Drone Forum Most of the above shot with 3 frames at 2 EV intervals, exposures changed manually which takes a bit less than ten seconds. Camera in Truecolor, aperture priority, 200 iso, auto white balance, neutral sharpening/contrast/brightness. DNG files are...
  3. J

    Resolution of still RAW images is low

    When i make still images with my P4, the JPEG image is 8 megapixels large, at 4000x2250 pixels. The RAW image that is made simultaneously in 'J+R-mode' however, is only 940x 540 pixels. Very small indeed and too small for larger prints. How can I fix this?
  4. S

    Just ordered my P3P need advice on recommended accessories, etc

    Hello everybody. I just purchased the P3P mainly for still photography (not much video - YET) and have a number of questions as I am a newbie. I was wondering a number of things. 1. Which sites/stores would you recommend for quality accessories 2. What accessories would you recommend? 3...