1. A

    Gimbal Floats and off angle on Startup

    When I start up my drone, the gimbal will go through itself calibration and zero itself perfectly. After about 5 seconds it starts to float around on all three axis, before centering with the camera tilted downward. Also when I yaw the craft, and gimbal will tilt left or right depending on the...
  2. D

    Drone/Field Operations Manager job opening at a cool startup

    Hi, We are TraceAir - we use digital copies of construction sites to automate earthmoving. We are making a "virtual engineer" that automatically compares digital copies of construction sites made with drones against designs and blueprints to help construction teams build faster & cheaper. We...
  3. S

    Are You Starting a Drone Business (or considering it)? ... How's it going?

    I've been pondering stepping up my drone hobby into trying to make some income from it. I know there is lots of info around on what it takes to do that, but I'd love to hear from people who are actually doing it (in particular people who have gone from a hobby to a business or side business), or...
  4. S

    Start Diagnostics never finish

    Hi All, So sorry that this has to be my first post here - I need some help. I have looked through the forum and other places online but haven't found the answer here. I have had my Phantom 3 Standard for about 2 weeks now and am in the frustrating situation of it not completing the startup...
  5. PlanetPapi

    Poor Lily drone is shutting down!

    $34 millions in funding but still has to shut down. Irony. Unable to fund production of its camera drone, Lily will shut down and refund customers
  6. A

    P3P Gimbal Malfunction After RMA Repair

    One month ago my phantom 3 pro hit a tree. I went through the RMA prossess and just recieved my phantom back today. I was very impressed with the speed, only being one month. However, my the gimbal doesnt seem to fixed. Upon startup, it swings back and forth making a loud banging sound when it...
  7. S

    Wireless charging pad for dji would help?

    Ola pilots, I started working with few crazy friends on a wireless charging pad for drones. Today our startup is called Skysene Last year we shipped the first units and most our pilot customers are corporations. Since we started with the dream of fully autonomous drones, I'm curious to see if...