star wars

  1. R

    PS4 Netflix/Games + DJI Goggles - Dr. Strange, Star Wars (Lego), TLUO, Naruto

    Hi all, I tried out the DJI Drone Goggles on the PS4. Unfortunately, the PS4 only has one HDMI cable so others can’t see what you’re looking at. No headtracking like with the drone as expected. Video quality is good, similar to a PS4 on TV from a decent sitting distance. The HDMI plug is behind...
  2. Capitan Bastos

    From the snowy mountains of Norway (Planet of Hoth)

    Latest vlog, I had an experience of whiteout, white drone, white clouds, white snow, sun on blast... then these throws of wind came and ten minutes of that was my limit But, got more footage today for next episode. This was shot in Finse and Starwars was also partly shot here, the scene from...
  3. C

    Drone for a Star Wars

    Hi there, im a budding film maker looking to make a star wars fan film, this is going to be sent to the star wars fan film competition in 2017 and also used for my final project in collage. i asked phantom on twitter which one they recommended and they said the phantom 3 standard, this is...