1. AngAvestruz

    Droning Indianapolis, Indiana!

    I traveled to Indy with the Droning America crew to meet up with sports host Larra Overton and local drone pilots Aerial Imaging Resources! We checked out everything the Circle City has to offer from an aerial perspective. Really loved the sports culture in Indy and of course the International...
  2. Tyler Mason

    Flying drones at Minnesota sports stadiums

    Our company has been lucky enough to fly drones at just about every major sports stadium in Minneapolis/St. Paul (while working in conjunction with the teams). Here's a recap of some of the footage we've captured. You'll notice a lack of Target Field, as the Twins are the only team in town that...
  3. secretum

    Temporary Flight Restrictions not so Temporary?

    Hello. I was flying my Phantom 3 Standard in Pittsburgh this past week, and I noticed something different. The two stadiums NFL, and MLB, have a red circle around each of them signifying a no fly zone. I understand the way NFZs work, however, everything about this was weird. First, the red...
  4. tclark333

    Flying over the new Braves Stadium being built in Atlanta

    Took my P3A up over the new Atlanta Braves stadium that's under construction right now in Cobb County. I know you're not supposed to fly over stadiums, but that doesn't count when it's being built, right?!? I tried to get there early (8AM) on a Sunday morning, but there were still more workers...
  5. K

    UK gets first drone conviction after flights over football stadiums

    UK gets first drone conviction after flights over football stadiums These idiots are ruining it for everybody!!! :mad::mad::mad: