1. S

    Disable gimbal auto correction when taking photo

    Hi friends! How to disable gimbal auto correction when taking photo? I'm trying to make a hyperlapse video with P4P (.dng photos), but I have problems with stabilization because of that=(
  2. Green Phantom

    Improve your videos with a simple edit

    Hi everyone For anyone who edits their video footage may want to watch this to improve their footage. Its nice and simple.
  3. Adrien guyot

    Drone not stabilise

    Hy everyone.. i have a problem with my p4p. After i hat an accident i open and fix my drone my self. Then when i test it, it flyes but, its not stabil anymore.. dose this stability could be couse by one of the cabel that goes to the landing gear was tear apart? Or maybe something els
  4. Jrods

    Jerky video help

    I am sure that my problem is technique related but, I have notice this on videos that other have made. I have also noticed that some folks can make the course correction and it appears very fluid and stable. When making a small course correction the video quickly makes a move with the direction...
  5. C


    I recently purchased a dji phantom 3 standard and I am having problems with it hovering with beginner mode turned off. With beginner mmode enabled, the drone adjusts to the wind and hovers in the same place however without the beginner mode, the wind takes it wherever it wants. The problem is...