1. Phantomix

    Is this normal?

    I use sport mode a lot. The few times I have tried rotating it at a normal speed while going 45-50 mph, it has really lost balance and "glitched" out (not sure how else to put it) I know the physics of the rotors and why this might happen, just trying to figure out if it is normal or a problem...
  2. seb evans

    feedback for future indoor drone racing, teaching etc.

    Hey fellow drone flyers, I have been looking into a possible business idea its in the very early stage and i need help from you all. What i need is an idea of how many people in the drone community would be willing to pay a membership annually for use of a drone racing track fully lit with led...
  3. frands1

    Got this message while Flying Sport: "Warning:[GPS]data exception (in flight) Using"

    Got this message while Flying Sport: "Warning:[GPS]data exception (in flight) Using" It pop up several time but P4 did fly normal, no issues other than a scary warning/gps message. anybody else? anyone know what this mean? Thanks
  4. K

    Snowman Rally,Scotland

    A little bit of the 2016 Snowman Rally in the North of Scotland It was pretty windy but I caught a few cars passing Anyhow.....
  5. A

    Abselling Video from Australia

    Hi everyone, here is a video taken in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia. I was so lucky that when I arrived at this lookout there were some abseillers and one of them, Sue, was a 67yr old doing it for the first time. I hope you enjoy it, Adam.