spare parts

  1. F

    Find spare part - What do I need?

    Hey! My phantom 4 pro did an unorthodox landing on its back which resulted in a crack where the gimbal arm attaches to the belly. Got any suggestions on how to fix it? What parts I need? Have a good one!
  2. Paffe

    New rubber dampers - sketchy?

    Hello, I recently bought new rubber dampers for the gimbal of my P3 Advanced since two of them were damaged in a mild crash. I bought them from a third-party seller since the shipping from the DJI store was 35$ (and the rubber pieces were 6$) and when I received them yesterday they are black...
  3. AdamEzkaton

    Need a new Shell for Phantom 2 with Zenmuse H4-3d

    Crashed my Phantom 2 with Zenmuse gimbal. I need a new shell and havnt been able to find a shell specifically for the zenmuse. It needs a hole correct for the gimbal? Does anyone have a shell, motor, esc, two rubber mounts laying around? I found this on amazon but not even sure it it would...
  4. B

    SOLD - Hangar Queen & Spare Parts For Sale

    Priced to sell! All of the following for $350 plus shipping - fair market value over $500. Package deal only, not selling individual items: DJI Backpack for P3P - used Propguards – never used Misc spare parts Two sets of original DJI Props -some used Two and ½ sets of DJI Carbon props - some...
  5. S

    Phantom 2 Vision - WiFi Module

    Need a replacement wifi module for my Phantom 2 vision. Any spare parts available from damaged craft?
  6. dguth66

    P4 extras ... Best deal takes it

    I have three new batteries ... not flown just opened and charged. One charger unit One remote control unit ... used once Extra props not opened Factory case Now here is the deal, I'm in Canada at Postal Code B2Z 1N9 (near Halifax Nova Scotia) so if u want ship quote just use that info and...
  7. R

    P3A only

    Full body FS. Has a crack on lower shell. Needs replacement: Shell Camera with gimbal Everything else works. Just gonna need someone who has time and patience to remove parts out of old shell and then into new shell. Then get new camera and gimbal. Does not come with remote controller. Comes...
  8. S

    Phantom 4 LED light covers and spare parts

    Hey everyone, new to the drone world and forum posting world. I'm missing a LED light cover for my Phantom 4 and wondering where on earth to find replacements? (or do phantom 3 covers match up?). Also looking to keep a few other spare parts on hand for the anticipation of something going wrong...
  9. R

    Phantom 3 Adv/Pro parts for sale

    Hi everyone, I recently crashed my beloved Phantom 3 Advance. It landed on the camera/gimbal and snapped the camera off. The rest of the drone is working, including the motors, main board, visual positioning module, compass, GPS, etc. It is fixable, but I dont really want to mess with...
  10. E

    SOLVED Battery not charging - Custom USB Connector mod ! Bypass micro usb port + always have charger

    Hey guys, I recently did a we bit of modding to my P3S and added some pigtails to sma connectors to play with the antennas a bit and preparing to get fpvlr or dbs mod after reading some more reviews. OR getting a ibecrazy crosshair style antenna which looks awesome stat wise foe 49 bucks in...
  11. G

    Zen-Muse H3-3D spare motors?

    Hi, I am trying to find a new brushless motor for my Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal. It would seem most websites that offer Zenmuse spare parts do not carry spare motors. Does anyone know where I could find this spare part - or a compatible alternative (or a crashed gimbal available for spare parts)...