spare part

  1. Uncle_Ronald

    Antenna cap fell off

    When i came home after some flying in fast winds i look at the drone and see this : Screenshot i found out its an antenna cover. Could i get a new antenna cover and just click it in? or is it harder than that. I don't have anything like dji care or refresh so i can't really make them repair it too
  2. gingerbloke

    (UK £) - Selling P3S Main Board with motors/LED,etc

    DJI Phantom 3 Standard mainboard motherboard Spare Or Repair | eBay UK, based in HR4 (Hereford) if you need to check it out first. Adam
  3. D

    Standard Spare Part No. 70

    I´m replacing the two (black and grey) antenna cables on a Phantom 3. The new cables look like this: Has anyone used these already ? What am I doing with the white ends ?