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    For Sale Think Tank Photo Helipack 2 for DJI Phantom Series

    SOLD Brand New ...never used....paid $200.00 from B and H...will sell for $100.00 + shipping..fits Phantom series drones...perfect for transporting your larger Phantom drones..check out the photos attached.
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    Phantom 3 Advanced for sale, mint, lotsa extras !

    SOLD ! Phantom 3 Advanced for sale, excellent to mint condition. GL-300B TX. Never crashed, always gently landed. Many valuable extra accessories included! $540. Shipping TBD dependent on buyer location, willing to share shipping expense. Includes the following extras over the standard...
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    P3 Standard - For Sale (with extras) $350

    IN NEW JERSEY - Can ship if postage is covered on buyers end --- $350 asking Hey guys, Sadly, I have to let go of my drone! Very disappointing It is in great condition, a couple slight scratches on the gram of the camera and tips - nothing major at all. It comes with; - Drone (8/10...
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    Not a scratch, blemish ect... Expert pilot with countless fpv quads and other fpv rigs Im the only owner and operator. Comes with everything 1 battery no extras. that has 5 charge cycles on it. only battery ever used on it. Only upgrade is nice short usb to lightning (iPhone) cord to connect...
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    Steps to remove FAA registration?

    I have just sold my P3P and want to remove my FAA registration. What are the steps to do that? TIA
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    Got rid of my phantom

    just sold my phantom 2 V+ It's all getting too hard, unreliable, dangerous and basically ..... A "too hard basket" I've read so many forums on everyone's difficulties that I just gave up and got my money back. To be honest, the software problems, hardware problems, correct flying weather...