social media

  1. B

    Social media advice

    I have always struggled with the social media/sharing side of photography. Came across a decent looking article today and thought it is worth a share. How To Promote Your Photography Instagram in 4 Easy Ways I have started implementing some of the detail in here but its to soon to show any...
  2. digitech

    Uploading to social media

    Is there a way to upload “images” to social media from the controller?
  3. impurenergy

    Drone Related Social Media

    If you are looking for a very active drone related Facebook group then you should check this one out. They also have a lot of manufacturer members who provide them with sample products to test suchsas props and skins. One of the best things is their Instagram engagement Pod that has over 100...
  4. Nicrophone

    Marketing your services

    I wanted to see what avenues people are using to market their UAS services to customer and to find new customers. Currently, I am using the basic venues of instagram and facebook but with minimal success. So far the best success I have had so far is with adding to the scope for our parent...
  5. We Talk UAV

    Drone Hunting Battle by Dude Perfect!

    Dude Perfect, is slang in California for approval on an action. It is also a growing internet sensation that involves blasters and sports products through a series of online videos and online social media presence. At this counting, it has 3 years of Nerf Perfect television commercials which can...