1. Z

    Crystal Cove and B4Ufly

    Hey everyone! I just joined this forum and just bought my first drone. Phantom 3 standard. I love it!! My questions are, I live in southern California and I am going to Crystal cove camp site by the beach and want to fly it there. Does anyone know if I can ?? Also I got the b4ufly app and I'm...
  2. J


    Enjoy! INSTAGRAM YouTube
  3. 28wins

    SoCal DJI Phantom 4 owners group on Vimeo

    I set-up a group for us to post videos and socialize on Vimeo Please PM your email address with a sentence of two to explain why you'd like to join so I can invite you if you are interested.
  4. J


    Shot this earlier in the week. Each letter stands 45 feet tall and the sign measures 350 feet wide. Had a blast shooting this one, despite the birds that were making me a little nervous. Cheers!
  5. Kevo

    Where do you fly in LA?

    Hey all, Looking for great, hopefully legal, places to fly in LA. After searching for a thread about this, I've found a few suggestions like near the Rose Bowl and Exposition Park. For folks in LA: where do you usually fly?