1. electriclife

    Bella Milano. A short film about the city of Milan | new evolving skyline Cinematic 4k drone footage

    A short video about the evolution of the city of Milan and her changing skyline. Featuring the La Scala Theater, Il Quadrilatero della Moda, Citylife, Torre Velasca, The Science Museum and the Toti Submarine, The Duomo di Milano, Sant'Ambrogio, Santa Maria delle Grazie, The Atellani Garden...
  2. electriclife

    Urbis - Aerial city - Milano by drone - Showreel 2017 - Milan's skyline

    Cinematic showreel 4k HD footage of the architectural panorama of the City of Milan (Milano), Italy, a metropolis in Italia northern Lombardy region. It is a global capital of fashion and design. Home to the national stock exchange (Piazza affari), it’s a financial hub also known for its...
  3. Green Phantom

    City Skyline

    my latest video of the City of Manchester. It has some great buildings being built, some tall skyscrapers for this size of city. Il have to go back in ayear or so for a comparison shot :) Also i added in a little extra something to the begging of the video which ive never done before, where it...
  4. electriclife

    Gae Aulenti Square, cinematic footage of Milan's skyscrapers in 4k

    The modern Gae Aulenti square has a circular shape with a diameter of 100 meters and it is situated in the north of Milan. Built 6 meters above the street level, it was designed by the Argentine architect Cesar Pelli. The square was inaugurated in 2012 and dedicated to the architect and designer...
  5. chapsrlz

    Torre Latinoamericana (670 ft)

    this skyscraper turned 60 last saturday link to full video in 4k at the end ;-)
  6. chapsrlz

    Top 10 tallest buildings under comstruction.

    Here is a compilation of the top 10 tallest buildings under construction in Mexico Ciy. Im learning after effects also :) comments, suggestions? *all clips shot on the same day, with a p3 pro @ 4k
  7. chapsrlz

    BBVA Bancomer, tallest building in México

    this is Torre BBVA Bancomer, the tallest building in México (tallest finished building, because in front of it is a taller one but still under construction) Torre BBVA Bancomer - 237 meters Torre Reforma (in front of Torre BBVA Bancomer) 246 meters
  8. chapsrlz

    3280 ft dronie

    dronie in carso 4k version in c13studio