1. Green Phantom

    MANCHESTERs Famous Canal Street & City Skyline

  2. CalvinHobbes

    West Phoenix/Buckeye Skyline Park-- Let's fly!

    I'm new here. I have some phantom 4 pro's. 2 pair white DJI goggles, 1 pair black DJI google RE with HDMI splitter for all to watch together. Looking to hangout and fly even if you don't own one. Let's go...!
  3. electriclife

    Urbis - Aerial city - Milano by drone - Showreel 2017 - Milan's skyline

    Cinematic showreel 4k HD footage of the architectural panorama of the City of Milan (Milano), Italy, a metropolis in Italia northern Lombardy region. It is a global capital of fashion and design. Home to the national stock exchange (Piazza affari), it’s a financial hub also known for its...
  4. Green Phantom

    City Skyline

    my latest video of the City of Manchester. It has some great buildings being built, some tall skyscrapers for this size of city. Il have to go back in ayear or so for a comparison shot :) Also i added in a little extra something to the begging of the video which ive never done before, where it...
  5. A


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  7. voyageraero

    Downtown Chicago from Northerly Island

    Got this really pretty shot of downtown Chicago after work yesterday. Hiked out to Northerly Island past the planetarium, after waiting for the TFR surrounding the White Sox/Tigers game to lift (Sox won 11-2). I love how the American flag in the bottom left pops out. Let me know what you think...
  8. P

    DJI P3 2.7K - Dallas TX - Lake Cliff Park - Finally Fixed Premiere Export Settings (I'm New!)

    I finally fixed the export settings on Adobe Premiere so that my video isn't potato quality! It still isn't perfect but I am learning! Please any feedback is very welcome!
  9. Tyler Mason

    Picture of Minneapolis and iconic sign

    One of my favorite shots I've captured with my drone: Gold Medal
  10. chapsrlz

    mexico city skyline

    shot yesterday. if you liked it and want to see more photos and videos by c13studio - Security Check Required